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Welcome to the Hub for Reimagine-Rethink-Community!

Active Connectors Have a Green Background

Connectors with a light-green background have public availability. We connect systems as we have internal capacity.


May 18, 2022 Onboarding Update – 02-Forum is close to formal release. Chat, Blog and Knowledge Base (05-K-Base) to follow. Social Media Connectors are partially built and are available via 01-Main Site.

01-Main Site has portions fully completed and others are amidst content development. There is lots to look at!

We plan on providing a Status Page on this site to keep you up to date with our progress on various Connectors and Features. This is in keeping with our philosophy of openness in Community.

We are a Public Service Website

We use Connector 10-Marketplace (Village Marketplace) to help pay for content development and technical services.  You are under no obligation to use this Connector.  All content on this site is free and intended to help you build out your version of Community. 

If you landed on this Hub ( before visiting our Main Website, we encourage you to check out this link (01-Main Site). It explains what we do and our approach.


01 – Main Site (RRC)

The Main RRC Website (Reimagine-Rethink-Community) is focused on our understanding of Community. We look at a variety of topics from various vantage points.

The topic coverage is very broad, and includes Location choice and Lifestyle.  Many needful areas (like Housing and Food Supply) are part of this website. We also call this The Portal.

The Portal has 2 main branches (Reimagine and Rethink).  Rethink is partially implemented.

Enhancements Pending

Content or additional functionality for this link, page or function is in development. 

We are aware of additional and popular functionality (e.g. – YouTube, Instagram) that can enhance user experience. Please use your app sharing features in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.